Ikarus Park

Offices available for long-term rent in Ikarus Industrial Park (Budapest, Mátyásföld) in the size of 14-80m2! Broadband Internet service provider (WLA) is located in the same place.

As well as warehouses and halls are also available for long-term rent within the size range of 300-7500m2. Heated and unheated, renovated, modern and areas awaiting renovation, all kinds are available!

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Disznóól fast food restaurant

Leased location: Ikarus Industrial Park, Margit street 114., Building 21.

Product / Service: restaurant

Presentation of the company’s activities: The Disznóól  self-service fast food restaurant opened its doors on May 20, 2021.

When we dreamed of the restaurant, our primary goal was to create a fast food restaurant that exudes an atmosphere that is very different from traditional restaurants, while still adapting its food to traditional flavors. That’s when the idea came to smuggle rural flavors into the capital.

We have also put together our menu in light of this, making sure that everyone finds the dishes that is the best for their taste. That’s why we offer everything from butcher cuisine, to soups, streetfood, marinated meats and grilled meals on an iron plate, and desserts so that no one can leave us hungry.

In our restaurant we await our guests with breakfast, a’la cart dishes, daily and weekly menus. The dishes can be eaten locally at our tables and on our terrace, but they can also be requested to take away, even by pre-order!

For the children, the time spent in our restaurant is a special experience as they cannot get bored with us until the delicious snacks are made! We are waiting for our tiniest guests with children’s toys and colorings!

If you would like to bring your pet, we will welcome them and take care of it in our restaurant and make sure that he also receives good service!

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: from 10:30 to 19:30
Sunday: closed.


Mobile:  +36 70 606 22 26





Shield Medical Hungary Kft.

Leased location: Building 47.

Product / Service:  Produce medical grade, reusable, and washable masks.

Presentation of the company’s activities : We proudly present to you customizable medical masks of your own choosing. We are able to produce medical grade, reusable, and washable masks with precise printing of any color, logo, and image. The idea of producing such a product comes directly from the breakout of this horrible pandemic. Peoples’ lives has been changed ever since, governments encouraging and asking citizens to wear masks. We understand that these are strenous times, but we also encourage you to protect yourself by wearing not only a simple medical mask, but to have the kind of mask you would like. Not only it makes mask wearing more fashionable, advertisable, but most importantly shields you from getting ill. Our products are manufactured directly here in the heart of Europe, Budapest, Hungary. We hope to create in these difficult times, a product which is fashionable and can shield the pandemic from the Hungarian people. We are hoping that our product can not only create a commercial/promotion effect, but also to make people feel comfortable and looking good by wearing it. We can also mass produce to neighboring countries on demand. We hope to keep you safe and away from the pandemic, but at the same time keep you fashionable by doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel the need to wear something personally customized and protect yourself at the same time.


Mobile:  +3670 675 0166 ; Li Cong +3670 369 9888 ; Liu Wei +3670 409 7888

E-mail: ; ;




Metal-Mechanika Kft.

Leased location: Building 19.

Product / Service: Manufacture and installation of electromechanical engine compartment locks (Vehicle protection) ; Distribution of stationery

Presentation of the company’s activities : Our company mainly deals with the production and distribution of electromechanical units, locking devices, engine compartment locks made, what is with stainless technology. We manufacture, install and distribute the engine compartment lock developed by us, primarily in the field of motor vehicle protection. In addition, our company has 19 years of commercial and professional experience in the distribution of office supplies and stationery.


Mobile: István Andor Sümegi +36705625564, Ágnes Sipos +36707033093



Okosjáték webáruház-Ekupon Kft.

Leased location: Building 44. Warehouse 8.

Product / Service: Retail sale of developmental and board games

Presentation of the company’s activities : The Smart Game webshop has been operating since 2009. It offers a wide range of skill-building and creative games, family and children’s board games, and wooden games. Carefully selected, quality toys. Major brands: Smart Games, Thinkfun, Djeco, LÜK, Logico, Haba, Goki, Melissa Doug.

Photos: max. 2-3 pcs (size max. 5MB / pc)


Mobile: 06-20-4337841


















CARGOE GMBH Co & KG Hungarian Branch

Leased location: Building 44.

Product / Service: Logistics services

Presentation of the company’s activities: The Hungarian branch of Cargoe GMBH started its operations in May 2017. Its main profile is home delivery of heavy and large goods, logistics services: warehousing, transportation. It also carries out installation activities, such as: room and kitchen furniture installation, electricity, water and gas connections, service and maintenance. One of the largest partners of IKEA’s home delivery and installation services in Hungary.


Mobile: Lóránt Bartus – Branch Manager, +36306160827


Airsoft Aréna Kft.

Leased location: Building 33.

Product / Service: Airsoft sports and leisure facility

Presentation of the company’s activities: A building specially designed for leisure use and training of professionals (military, law enforcement and security) that is open to everyone. The Arena, like those in the United States and the United Kingdom, is a purposefully designed training and airsoft game center. Through its special design, using audio and visual techniques, it increases participants ’adrenaline levels during the program, which helps them control their senses and manage stress better. “Real experience!”


Mobile: +36 20/24-77-63




Seal Ring Kft.

Leased location: Building 44. Hall V.

Products / Services: hydraulics, pneumatics, oil seal, O-rings, seal production, seeger ring, rubber cord, rubber plate, copper seal, aluminum seal

Presentation of the company’s activities: SEAL RING KFT (and its legal predecessors) has been present on the domestic and international sealing technology market since 1989. Thanks to the production process, developments and investments, it is now the largest individual seal manufacturing company in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

With our 6 sites, we are able to meet all the local needs of the country in the shortest possible time. From our webshop, our customers can easily and quickly select the desired product, which we will send to them with GLS service on the day of the order, so they will be available within 24 hours.

Our production system uses the latest technology and machines. thanks to this we can serve almost any need. We are constantly developing our production units, software and machinery.

The raw materials are under constant quality control and we are also working on the development of new materials. The quality of the products is guaranteed by our extremely strict quality assurance system, which is certified annually by an external audit company. Thanks to this, we are able to produce high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers in all respects in almost all areas of the light and heavy industry.


Adress: Seal Ring Kft. 1165 Budapest, Margit u. 114.

Phone: +36 1 297 4345, +36 1 405 4702



Saray Carpet House – Unió Szőnyeg Kft.

Leased location: 14. Warehouse

Product / Service: Wall-to-wall carpet, PVC, LVT, Laminated parquet, Pile carpet, Accessories

Presentation of the company’s activities: Since 2001, our company has been serving customers who want quality products, construction and home renovation with residential and public solutions.

· We have a huge stock of goods in all categories!

· We work with the lowest prices available on the market. Compare our prices!

· We provide European, guaranteed quality! Carpets, doormats straight from Belgium, Netherlands.

· We work with discounted transport constructions.


Zoltán Kis-Máté; Anna Brecsok

Phone: + 36-30-382-22-46 or + 36-30-283-87-37



Generál Kolónia Plusz Kft.

Leased location: Building 28.

Product / Service: Building materials, Cold and hot coverings, Sanitary ware, Faucets and other products necessary for construction and home renovation

Presentation of the company’s activities: Our company deals with the distribution and professional execution of building materials, cold and hot coverings, sanitary ware, faucets and other products necessary for construction and home renovation. In our showroom resp. you can see our offer in our webshop.

We serve retailers, wholesalers and contractors. We have different price levels that encourage our returning customers to make additional purchases. For larger items, personal agreement always decides. We calculate unique competitive prices for constructions and projects.

XVI. district In our office showroom in Arany János u., we sell our products live and catalog. We undertake the delivery of our products within a certain value limit within Budapest free of charge.

We help our partners with their purchases with the expert advice of our experienced colleagues and flexible, customer-centric service.


Address of the showroom: Budapest, XVI. Arany János u.55. (Fiat salon II.em. 1.)

Mobile: 06 30 641 6932, 06 30 642 0853

Office: 06 1 401 0872

Fax: 06 1 401 0873



Mobil Tires Kft.

Leased location: Building 32.

Product / Service: Non-stop tire service, Mobile tire service, Fast service, Exhaust service, Technical examination, Air conditioning filling-cleaning, Rim repair, rolling, polishing, painting, welding, fleet management, Tire procurement

Presentation of the company’s activities: We provide companies with a fleet discount. We can change tires, fill the climate, repair punctures on site.


Mobile: 0630 / 790-5612


Metaltex Hungary Kft.

Leased location: Building 13.

Product / service: Our company is engaged in the production and sale of kitchen and household products.

Presentation of the company’s activities: Our activity started in 1945 in Switzerland. Metaltex as a brand, manufacturer, distributor and distributor quickly spread in European countries, Asia and America, including Hungary in 2005. Our own, quality, Italian products can be found in most grocery store and home furnishing stores, as well as in larger web shops.

Our kitchen tools are very popular for their long life and good quality, but our practical, storage-friendly products in a small space are also at the forefront.


Mobile: Réka Baranyai +36 30 833 6700



MKK-Pajzs Kft.

Leased location: Building 19.

Product / Service: Use, processing and production of steel, aluminum and stainless materials in the building locksmith industry, mechanical engineering and small-scale residential works.

Presentation of the company’s activities: We have been doing quality work since 1989, when our company was founded! We produce new, repair, renovate, from metal that can be imagined! Some examples: fences, double-leaf gates, sliding and floating gates, security grilles, lattice doors, stairs, steel structural bridges, canopies, shelves. Our machining options: turning, milling, CNC, arc welding, CO welding, TIG welding, edge bending, cutting. References: Westend, Lurdy House, Tamol Ltd., SMB Pure Systems Ltd., Novi-Cut Ltd.  It is our job to solve your problem!


Mobile: Károly Monori-Kiss managing director +3630 996 1566

BlueHome Outlet

Leased location: Building 22.

Product / Service: Furniture retail and wholesale

Presentation of the company’s activities: The BlueHome Outlet belongs to Bluehome Furniture Stores. Our stores sell premium quality products, and they are directly related to the manufacturers. It is also possible to produce sofas in individual sizes. In our outlet store you can find only the last pieces of German premium products at affordable prices. We are mainly a sofa wholesaler, however, we also opened our warehouse to the general public in 2020. Our prices are low because we bring the products directly to Hungary, as a wholesaler, so you can buy cheap sofas directly.

We are waiting for you among our satisfied customers!


Mobile: +36 20 387 9464



Hund Futter Kft.

Leased location: Building 32.

Product / Service: Frozen, raw pet food, dried reward snacks

Presentation of the company’s activities: Our mission is to provide expertise in the natural feeding of dogs and cats.
We, the Rácz family, have been providing for 30 years the complete, natural nutrition for dogs and cats . We deal in premium quality meats from a controlled source only. We cover the entire product chain, accompanying the goods from, for example, feeding the chicken through processing, packaging, transport to storage. Our Austrian supplier provides strict quality control for the meats. Chickens don’t get soy, antibiotics and steroids, so your pets won’t be allergic to this poultry. In many cases, dogs and cats are not allergic to chicken, but for the things that the chicken eats . We are always very pleased with the lots of feedback, that pets visibly live a better quality of life, prettier, happier, healthier!

At Hund Futer we emphasize an ancient, proven way of feeding, because in our experience, natural is the best food.
High quality meat in itself is a complete food for dogs and cats.


Phone: Rácz Katalin /ügyvezető/ : 06-70/411-61-26, Trajer Tímea /rendelés felvétel, számlázás/ : 06-70/314-10-73